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Wangaratta District Men's Shed

Projects Undertaken at the Men's Shed

Dog Kennel
The latest project is the construction of a dog kennel. As you can see the design and construction are first class.

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Indian Myna Trap

Indian Myna numbers have exploded across Australia since they were deliberately introduced, and are a serious environmental threat to native wildlife. Indian Mynas:
* are one of the most invasive animal species in the world
* take over nesting hollows, evicting birds and small mammals, and prey on nestlings
* pose some small human health risk, and
* the nesting material they bring into roof cavities and other spaces in buildings can be a fire hazard.

To assist with the control of these pests the Men's Shed is actively making myna traps.

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Supporting NEMACC

The Wangaratta Men's Shed provided support to North East Multicultural Aged Care Connections with the production of a number of display boards to assist with their exhibitions.

The North East Multicultural Association (NEMA) was established in February 2005 to promote multiculturalism in North East Victoria.

The North East Multicultural Aged Care Connections Project (NEMACC) is working within the Victorian local government areas of Alpine, Indigo, Wangaratta, Benalla and Mansfield.

NEMACC is enabling Elderly Australian Migrants to continue to lead active and healthy lives, where possible in their own homes, for longer by improving access to information and aged care services.

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